El McMeen, Fingerstyle Guitarist,
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El McMeen’s Memoir “Growing Up in God’s Country” is a “#1 New Release” on Amazon.

El’s Newest Book of Humor

Watch the trailer for El’s newest book
“Can THIS Be the Perfect Pet?”

Other Books by El McMeen

Watch the trailer for
“Holy Holophrase”

Watch the trailer for
“Growing Up in God’s Country”

El’s CDs, DVDs, and Books

El has recorded numerous albums of guitar music, many of which are available in both digital and physical format (downloads, CD’s, and thumb drives). El’s primary portal for his downloadable music is El’s Bandcamp Page.  There are other portals, including Amazon, and numerous streaming services, including Spotify and Pandora. For CD’s/thumb drives, or books of guitar music, please contact El directly through our contact page.
Guitar CD’S
All of El’s albums of guitar music, most of which are available in digital and physical format through Amazon. For releases not distributed through Amazon please contact El directly.
Guitar DVDS
All of El’s instructional and performance DVD’s are available through Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop.
Guitar Books and Sheet Music
El has written numerous books of music, and many individual transcriptions of tab/music for guitarists. His Mel Bay books are available through stores and online sites. His other books of tab/music, and his sheet music, are available for purchase through SheetMusicPlus.
Celtic Treasures for String Trio
El’s seminal book of music for string trio (violin, viola, and cello), called Celtic Treasures for String Trio, is available for purchase through SheetMusicPlus.