Sacred Music for Fingerstyle Guitar


Sacred Music For Fingerstyle Guitar – (Instruction – 88 min.)

“El McMeen’s solo acoustic guitar sings soulfully throughout his playing… a great introduction to the lovely, lyrical CGDGAD tuning.” – Guitar Player Magazine

The body of sacred music takes many forms and, except for the area of gospel music, has not been routinely explored by fingerstyle guitarists. Yet there are techniques available to the fingerstyle player that can be used to create evocative and beautiful arrangements of religious music. In this DVD lesson, El McMeen demonstrates the use of various techniques (including harp style arpeggios and alternating bass) as well as the open tuning CGDGAD, to make the power and beauty of this music accessible and exciting to the fingerstyle guitar player.

  1. 1. In Christ There Is No East Or West
  2. 2. Be Thou My Vision
  3. 3. Not Alone For Mighty Empire
  4. 4. In The Bleak Mid-Winter
  5. 5. Amazing Grace
  6. 6. This Is My Father’s World
  7. 7. Silent Night


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