Irish Guitar Encores


Irish Guitar Encores

– (Instruction – 82 min.)

Irish music offers the fingerstyle guitarist an exciting repertoire of haunting melodies and pulsating dance tunes. Irish Guitar Encores presents El McMeen’s unique approach to arranging Celtic melodies in the CGDGAD tuning. In this DVD lesson, El fully explains the CGDGAD tuning and shows how to use harp-like arpeggios, counterpoint bass lines, melodic picking and alternating bass techniques. El McMeen’s arrangements and playing bring a unique sensitivity to this music.

  1. 1. The South Wind
  2. 2. The Castle Of Dromore
  3. 3. Danny Boy
  4. 4. Carolan’s Receipt
  5. 5. Eleanor Plunkett
  6. 6. Lament For Owen Roe O’Neill


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