Book-Art of Dropped D

The Art of
Dropped D Guitar

El’s monumental Mel Bay tab/music book (over 175 pages) with CD (performed by Warren Haskell) in Dropped D tuning (DADGBE). El has succeeded in capturing the sonority and atmosphere that are his trademark in his own “standard” tuning of CGDGAD.

Complete Song List.

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Book-Soul of Christmas

The Soul of Christmas – Book/CD

El’s 100-page tab/music book for most tunes on his Christmas CD (in both CGDGAD and Dropped D Tunings).

Complete Song List (for CD)

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[Book+CD] $40.00 + Shipping

The tab/music will be provided as a PDF, via e-mail to the purchaser.

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Books-Complete Celtic Guitar

Mel Bay’s Complete Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar – Book

Mel Bay’s Complete Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar Book (With CD), written in 1995 by El, Stefan Grossman and Duck Baker.

Complete Song List

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